Last night I managed to reach a new height of exhaustion due to major lack of sleep over the past few days and found myself enjoying delirium… To experience another emotion that I wasn’t familiar with earlier was strange and yet, exhilarating. My surroundings were hazy even though I was sitting right here on my couch. Life seemed to take very amusing turns and every word my friends said seemed augmented. I detested my lack of awareness but soaked in the pleasure of a new story in life. I am fairly certain that I was probably imagining things at one point… and I know it’s sad, but life isn’t a guarantee and so it’s necessary to make the most of the moments that we do have.

I was sure I would be better today… finally some sleep last night. But, I found myself making it to my first class and missing the next two. I found myself slipping into yet another state of delirium. Just when I was about to be visit the  Slumberland, a strange sensation took over me… I was looking at myself from the outside. I felt like I was standing in the rain – looking up at the sky and smiling, and I could feel a big droplet of water at the tip of my nose… I could feel my heart jump with joy… I could touch pure happiness.

I’m glad I’m alive…