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Skype Is Such A Blessing

I’m in India and as much as I love being home with my family and friends, there’s a part of me that misses the friends that I have made in USA.

But fortunately, someone(I still need to find out who) thought of creating Skype and made my life easier and less painful. It is such a blessing to be able to see your friends on webcam and hear their voices as if they were in the same room. It has really been much easier on me now that I regularly skype with my friends…

So, honestly, me thinkz Skype deserves a genuine applause.

For those of you who have heard of it but never really used it… give it a try:

Here’s a link to Skype

I guess the title of the blog is enough to convey what this is about. For those of you who don’t already know this and have not already heard me being frustrated about it – My phone is in Canada (Or on its way to SC)  and I am in Columbia.

I have not been “phoneless” since 8th grade and so, this may just be a good thing because I am learning to live without my cell phone being perpetually in close proximity. Since, 18th morning was the last time I took a glance at my cell phone… I must say I am realizing how technologically dependent I am. If I didn’t happen to have the internet working I would have felt cut off from the world and that is a hard situation for me to be in. I apologize to the ones I haven’t called after making my trip back to Canada/USA.. and hope you guys understand that I am not calling because I don’t have your numbers with me at the moment. I shall get in touch with most by next weekend for sure. So, next time you see me walking somewhere on campus and are too far away to yell a “hi”, don’t think I am ignoring you by not keeping in touch.

Anyway, here’s a suggestion for all of you people who are in the same boat and have trouble living without their phones and internet – Make sure you go at least on a 3 day long camping trip without your cell phone…

And, for those of you who have any chance of losing your cell phone or having to wait for it in the mail, try Skype because it’s my way of keeping in touch with my parents and my friends. Also, remember to back up the important phone numbers from your phone book – it does you a world of good sometimes! Of course, social networking websites seem to have one more advantage now!