Like A Season…


The smiles light up the faces

While the clouds hide behind the skies of dusk

I see not the children play

As the day falls into the abyss and turns into rust

I’ll come and go as seasons do

Like a tear that’s fallen into the sea

Vast like the darkened skies,

Yet hollow as my silent scream

I watch the world go by

As the seconds tick away in my head

You’ll come and go like seasons

That’s what she had once said

The shadow pierces through the lights of the day

Defying every law of nature

The day is turning away from me

While I tell myself it’s nothing major

The smiles start to fade

As the tears replace my only hope

I thought laughter could fix it

But who was I to know?

My world is crashing in front of me

As I search for words to say

My actions are all that’s left behind

“she came and went like a season”, they’ll say…