Here’s the background info for newbies to understand what this blog is talking of –

Algorithms is set of code lines in programming.. a very basic definition for those of you who are not very familiar with programming. And, everytime you program.. there can be certain trade-offs u need to take care of and make decisions on. For example, is time of execution more important than memory space or vice versa? The coding is based on such decisions.

Now that you know what an algorithm is, here’s what I came across a while back… its a programming joke, but it is very true because as rewarding as coding can be, is also is highly frustrating.

Consider the thought that whenever you choose which algorithm to use to solve a problem, you usually only get to choose to conserve at most one of:

(i) time

(ii) space

(iii) sanity

and that eliminating the last one up front usually saves you a lot of grief.