Paulo Coelho, has managed to get my attention once again. One of his most famous and most inspirational works is The Alchemist, and although it was not the first book by him that I read, a quote from it guided my life for quite some time.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

This line has kept me going at times when I believed failure was awaiting me and it has helped me make some big decisions in life. Although it guided my life for a while, I lost it somewhere while running this crazy rat race. In fact, this quote and “signs” helped me be certain of my decision to study in USA…

I had entirely forgotten about this quote and my thoughts were leading my life in a strange direction. But, something that happened today brought it all back on track and helped my mind reconcile in that quote’s truth.

It is my twenty-first birthday tomorrow and I was supposed to write a Physics exam tomorrow. I was sitting here dreading the exam and solving some problems for practice. I’ve been hoping and wishing that this exam was canceled and it was just a stupid desire of a child who hasn’t grown up. The child in me still wanted to celebrate a birthday without having to deal with real life. Well, guess what? My wish came true and I don’t have to face real life because a classmate messaged me on Facebook to ask if I saw Dr. Dave’s last email. Somehow, I had managed to overlook it and would have kept studying if he hadn’t mentioned it.

The universe, which includes circumstances, turned to my side and the e-mail stated that the exam tomorrow is now optional. Considering my average for the first three tests is 98%, there is absolutely no need for me to take this exam. Afterall, the universe did help me achieve what I wanted… 😀

I know it’s a very minor incident according to most of us, but it is special to me because it brought that quote back to me and returned to me the hope that I lived with… the hope that helped me believe and succeed. It is the little things in life that are miraculous and while one waits for the big ones to happen, one loses the most precious ones….

To end it in Paulo Coelho’s words:

“It is the possibility of having dreams come true that makes life interesting”

… and it has just made mine a little more brighter