Thank God for wireless internet. I am sitting here at New York Airport, waiting to board my flight home (New Delhi, India) in a few minutes.

It feels like a million feelings are taking over right now. Three months of not seeing friends that I have come to love, and three months of amazing time with family.. cause just the most contradictory feelings ever.

I got to talk to almost all my friends before leaving.. the one’s I didn’t talk to will be missed dearly though (so will the ones I got to talk to though lol). The airport layover wasn’t too bad at NY, I didn’t get to see my friend.. but I did happen to make a new friend on the airport. We spent the whole day together.. he is from south India and is doing his medical training here. I guess airports will never lose their people-watching charm lol.

Last night was rather.. weird and eventful, but I need to leave in a few minutes, so I’ll blog about that from home

Love you all and miss you all A LOT!!!