I love looking up at the sky. My family means the world to me, they are my home. I love being outside in the rain – specially if it is storming and pouring heavily. I love to play the guitar. Barista and CCD(in India) are the best places to chill at on a lazy evening with a slight drizzle. I hum Indian songs when I’m alone. I dont have a favourite show. I live in jeans and t-shirts. I love reading books, and I can take time out of everything for that. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure, although I don’t feel the least bit guilty. I love Indian cuisine and home cooked food tastes better than anything else. I’m addicted to Mountain Dew. Strangely enough, coffee makes me drowsy. I’ll play any game, but I am very competitive. Rude people turn me off. I don’t like it when people are mean to others that they don’t know. I love to sit and stare at… nothing? My most valuable possessions are my memories. I’m stubborn and can be a brat at times. I adore dogs. I love quotes and lyrics. I love to write poems when I get to doing it. I cry at very few movies and laugh at horror films. I really dislike getting in and out of cars multiple times in short periods of time. I love laughing, it’s my favourite thing to do. I love hugs, but only from people I know or want to know well. I hate rollercoasters. Carnations are my favourite flowers. My holiday spot would be an island with a lot of palm trees or some hill station, but I am more of a city person in daily life. I have never worked in my life (except tutoring last semester) and I would probably highly dislike it. I’m very indecisive. It takes a lot for me to get mad, but certain things are just super-quick triggers. I always drive fast and am very impatient. I have completely random thoughts that turn into incessant laughing fits. I’m a good listener and I’m the friend who will be a complete pain if I think you aren’t taking care of yourself. I don’t like putting long sleeves on long sleeves. I get sorta whiney when I am uncomfortable or attempting to hide something. I can’t stand lies, of course, that means I appreciate honesty, no matter how brutal it may be. I sleep at weird hours. I like lots of ice in my drinks. I tend to get unnecessary tans because I love being outside, but that doesn’t really bother me. I love visiting places where I have spent any time of my life at. I love waking up hours before the alarm goes off, because you can go back to sleep (except, it usually doesn’t happen). I am not a morning person, you would know this if you knew me at all. I hate leaving voicemails. I’m usually great with people. I only paint my toenails. Black, blue and brown are my fave colours, in that order. I love travelling. I can be sarcastic, but it’s only in my sense of humor. I believe you just spent your time reading an about me section and you might have better things to do 😀