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Reached Home

Okies, so as you can already tell… my flight landed safely and the pilots were not drunk! So, it is 7:39 am on May 11th in India. And, no.. I have not gotten into the habit of waking up early. I am just suffering from a major case of jetlag which I attribute partly to not sleeping enough on the flight. But anyway, currently I am sleeping all day and staying up all night. Apart from that, the trip has been pleasant so far :-).

My flight landed right in time and my family friends and family came to see me at the airport. The immigration and customs didn’t take long at all, and so I was out and about with my family enjoying my parent’s wedding anniversary. Of course, later in the night, dad and I watched a cricket match. It was a fun time. The 10th of may is a blurr since all I did was sleep.

Now that I think about it, it wasn’t a blur after 5 pm lol. My cousin got home yesterday too and he will be staying with us for about a month and a half, if not more. He will be doing an internship too… he starts today and I start sometime this week. Thankfully, they are being a little flexible owing to my crazy jetlag!

Anyway, my scattered thoughts should give you a basic runthrough of how my trip has been so far. I’ll keep posting more!




 “Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to”

These words by John Ed Pearce hit home when I look back on my life and see where I stand today. I did grow up eager to leave and explore the world around me, eager to leave behind what I termed as the “chains” that held me back.  But,  now that I reminisce, I feel that there is no land more beautiful than India and no one as loving as my family.

I have spent 2 very good years of my life in USA. I have made friends that may last a lifetime, and met people who make up my soul family. But, even after spending all these months in abroad with some truly affectionate friends, I miss the early morning sounds of mosques and temples, and the clattering of vessels when mom made tea in the kitchen while the rest of the household was fast asleep.

I miss the scent of paranthas filling the house while mom yelled for me to get out of bed and to the breakfast table. The running to catch the school bus in the morning and the hour long boring classes we craved to escape. The attempts to find humour in class by making up excuses to leave and the sweaty walk from the cool school building to the school bus make up unforgettable memories.

The sweet, yummy lemonade mom welcomed me home with.. and those incessant math homework problems and hindi proverbs, followed by the cricket bats coming out as the clock struck 5:00pm are embedded in my memories just like the dusty rural lanes and lush farms on the way to grandmother’s. The family get-togethers and dinners and the hour long chess games, teasing each other, and the tiny family battles seem to be calling my name, telling me to return… return home to the warm sunny days and slightly chilly mornings of India.