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Sometimes life goes by too fast and it’s not the fault of the clock ticking on the wall. It is not even the fault of your busy schedule. It is your fault… the fault of the person who has lost himself/herself in the noise of the world and can no more hear the melody of life. An analogy to explain this would be a person who focuses so much on the lyrics of a song that he can’t hear the tune…

Life’s too short and beautiful moments, relations and experiences must be kept close to the heart so one doesn’t lose sight of what is really important in life. It doesn’t matter where you are ten years from now. It’s the memories you hold in your heart, the friends that have stayed by your side and the experiences that make you who you are that matter.

Of course, one can’t ignore the noise of the world, but one must not lose the melody of life under any circumstances. Today, I know that I will do my best to hold on to the moments, friends and experiences that bring joy to me…

Friends Forever

Yesterday was one of the best days of this summer. It was packed with pleasant surprises and wonderful moments with people who make up an important part of my memories in India.
I may have mentioned this before, but at work, I spend my time with two other interns – Navya and Kalpana. We had decided to go and watch a movie last morning and so, after reaching Noida (where we work), we drove to Spice multiplex in the same area and watched Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na with two of our seniors. The movie was light, sweet and funny – one of those movies that are good to watch when you need a laugh. Anyway, we stepped outside after the movie and had some pretty embarrassing moments which I am going to skip on describing hehe. We did happen to get lost in Noida on the way back as well.

The weather on the way back home was one that describes “monsoon” to the hilt. My favorite weather was obviously instrumental in my mood being 10 times better than when I had woken up! Well, I got home to the best news ever. I went and met up two of my best friends – Ishan and Arushi. These were people with whom I spent almost every single evening of my school days and once again, I was surprised to see nothing had changed… we are all still the way we used to be back then. While our parents caught up on each other’s lives, Ishan, Arushi and I were reminiscing the times when we would camp inside the house and pour soda on each other’s faces to wake them up. The moments when Ishan and I fought and physically hurt each other, but yet never looked back at it with a grudge and the night stays at each other’s place, the crazy plans and the play we performed for our parents would never be forgotten by any of us. I should be getting the video of that play sometime soon and I can’t wait to watch it after 6 to 7 years! (note – Bagheera is currently pretending to be mom’s pillow)

Anyway, I had the best evening with Ishan, Arushi, Uncle and Aunty and then went to hang out with another of my friends Yatin. If all these cute little things weren’t enough, one of my very  close friends Apurva messaged me yesterday and we will be meeting up either on Wednesday (tomorrow) or day after. Both of us haven’t seen each other in 2 years and we were people who used to meet at least once or twice out of classes. So, that’s going to be a blast 😀

Well… I’m satisfied by how my day went and I can’t really put all my feelings in words. I love these people and since we’re all on Delhi, we have the time to create some new beautiful memories…