I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while and haven’t really had the chance to. I was recently on my way out of town with a friend and came across a sight that I can’t help but use as food for thought.

To my right, beyond the trees, was a dirt path and a father was carrying his son on his shoulders. I looked at them and instantly thought of home. It brought back memories of a care-free childhood and nostalgia slowly crept in. Life has been generous to me and given me plenty to cherish… I will soon be on my way home. Awaiting my arrival is my father, a man who has loved me and will love me no matter what how grave a crime I commit and a mother who runs her hand through my hair to wake me up each morning.

I’m seeing past the turmoil in my life right now and smiling at memories of my dad lifting me on his shoulders and walking barefoot on the morning dew…