It’s been a pleasant day for me. I just got done with my exams at 3pm. So, it’s time to celebrate the end of another semester!!! I also checked my final grade for software engineering and I am not flunking! I managed a B on it.. I guess that is the best I could have hoped for, considering the fact that my first exam had ruined my percentage to the point that there was no chance of getting an A.

So yeah, the semester is over and it is time to hang out with some friends who’re still in town and with others who are leaving for good! My thoughts may be scattered through this blog, owing to the fact that I am very drowsy at the moment lol.

But, this blog is for the memory of people that I met this semester who are leaving this school for good. It has been a pleasure meeting most of them really. I find it a little disturbing that college life consists of having your friends graduate, or leave, or transfer and every semester you watch another friend go away… hoping that you will keep in touch, but yet uncertain of its possibility. If I ever happen to lose touch with any of them who are leaving, I hope they know that they made a difference in my life… no matter how long or short of a time I’ve known them.

So, I am not going to get emotional over this, and I want to wish them all a happy journey in life whether we see each other again or not. Also, I am happy for those of you who are taking on a new phase of your lives even though I shall miss you all like crazy!

Love & Luck to those of you leaving Columbia and hopefully we shall see each other again sometime during our journeys!