I know the title seems rather weird and the first thought that comes to mind after reading it is “Yes!!!”. But, I am writing this blog to post my opinion on what being civilized means.

I believe that every human being has, buried within themselves, a dark, savage side. I don’t mean savage as in the regular savage meaning, but as the trait that makes you go beyond normal measures for survival. It has often been proven that once someone is taken out of the society and left to create their own norms, one rediscovers those traits which have laid dormant since the beginning of one’s existence.

Today, we call ourselves civilized, but that does not mean that the character traits that we were given for survival in harsh environments have disappeared. It is proven in psychology that mankind has lost most of what is called ” inherent instinct”. But, what hasn’t been lost is the survival instinct which we learn from the society around us. We aren’t having battle for food, or killing each other for cannibalistic purposes anymore – but now the competition and the survival has moved on to another dimension.

In the process of civilization, we may attempt to destroy that primitive instinct, but all it is doing is taking over another form and morphing into something less obvious. We are running the risk of becoming everything that mankind is attempting to destroy.

For me, darkness exists somewhere within each of us, not just defined by the drastic and sadistic measures we may take, but also my emotions that may embed this darkness into layers. These emotions could be jealousy, sadistic mindset, vanity, hatred etc. My question to you is this – Does being civilized have as shallow a meaning as constructing sky scrapers and eating with a fork and knife, or does it hold a deeper meaning where our emotions and thoughts come into the picture?

I believe that such primitive instict still exists, only some of us let it develop more than others. We may not take sharp tools and attempt to be cannibals in today’s world, but some of us certainly feed on emotions of others. Why don’t we realize that materialistic world and development is absolutely nothing compared to how our minds develop? Theres a more important part of life –  a spiritual world, an emotional world where we develop within ourselves.

Would focussing on “the inner civilization of our mind” be a crime? I know there is competition everywhere, if not for physical survival, for emotional survival and for professional survival. But when one begins to display sadistic and immoralistic behaviours for the sake of getting what one wants, it is certainly a representation of a primal instinct that we all have.

Maybe it is time to watch our thoughts, words and actions and strive for the psychological civilization of our world rather that the materialistic wonder we see all around ourselves because trust me, a building or a washer can’t do the thinking for you!!!