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Realigning to New Goals

It has been so long since I’ve actually written a blog post that it took me a few seconds to get accustomed to WordPress’s new format. Yes, I know it’s sad.. but sometimes things that bring peace to you and keep you on track end up taking the backseat.

I’m devastated right now, although you might argue that such a reaction isn’t warranted. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I will have to switch gears and goals to reach where I want to go. It’s tough realigning when you are running full-speed towards something specific.

I guess it’s time to learn one more art in life 🙂


Small Things Make Me Happy

I’m a kid at heart. That statement in itself sums up my character. I’ve been observing my temperament for a while now and attempting to make each moment of my life worth living (and reliving). What I’ve learnt from this is that it’s the small things in life that make me happy.

Here are the moments recently that have made me happy, and some of these may seem silly to you but that’s just how it is:

1.  I had a busy day at work as usual and since I’m working out of client-site these days, my drive home is no less than 1.25hours every day. It’s on my way back that I was driving the car at about 70km/hr on a road that I frequent. The music was playing but I have no memory of the song. Sun-down was a few minutes away and suddenly the street lights came on. It wasn’t dark and neither was it light; there weren’t many cars on the road and in the emptiness the street lights reflected lightly in the cloudy weather.  The scene reminded me of Harry Potter and how this scene would fall perfectly in a fantasy book. And this made me unimaginable happy! My heart seemed to jump with joy at this minor occurrence which seemed like my miracle of the day 🙂

2. Again, same old long drive to work. I was stuck in heavy traffic and as the road curved slanting downwards, a light green plant that I don’t know the name of swayed on my right side. It was a certain height above the car as I was on a bridge of sorts, and it’s gentle swaying in the breeze set the mood for my day 🙂

3. About 2-3 days ago, I was driving to this place for some personal work, and on the way this little girl of about 4, dressed in a dusty, faded purple dress was attempting to cross the street. I slowed down almost to a crawling speed – you could have walked faster than my car was going if you tried. The girl looked up. She had this animated look on her face – a look of pride at crossing the street alone, and also a look of caution. Her expression said it all, while she ran in short steps to the divider and looked back at me with pride in her eyes. I was reminded of the first time I ever crossed the street and realized that that feeling will never come back. Her look, her tiny steps and hops, and the pride and caution on her face float in front of my eyes even now, and I find myself smiling.

Top Tunes – Best Songs

Well, I haven’t yet mentioned toptunez anywhere besides my blog – no facebook or twitter. Nothing of the sort. I’m keeping it simple till it gains some regular viewers and the good news is that we are progressing at a decent pace – much better than expected, to say the least! Toptunez will continue to offer the best songs and the most awesome tunes to its viewers – some of these songs may not even be very well known, but they will definitely be a treat to your ears.

If you happen to run into this blogpost and have not yet checked’s top tunes offering, you should hurry up and check it out. Maybe even register as a member, if you’d like to!


Once again Paolo Coelho has caught my attention. I don’t know where I read this, but I put it down on a piece of paper that fell out of my stuff today. Maybe this is a sign that I’m on the right path, but I’m still to figure that out.

“Remember, the first road to God is prayer, the second is joy.”

If you know me at all, you know I’m not one to pray. It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in a higher power, just that I whisper my prayers unconsciously before I drift off to sleep every night in form of gratitude for my day, and my dreams and wishes.

But maybe, my road is the second one – joy. I’ve been working on things in my life to find the balance and to drive myself towards contentment and happiness even when I’m angry or impatient. I’ve realized that being grateful for little things in life helps!

Perhaps this is all because praying needs a degree of faith that I don’t yet have. My mind’s been trained to not believe in something I read or learn easily. But, it’s a road I’m prepared to take.

Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit – all of us. What we see often is what we get used to seeing, and what we feel often doesn’t feel out of normal even if it is. Our minds seem to be easily trained to take in the frequent events or feelings of our lives and put them in the ‘normal basket’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is normal.

For example… when I say I’m feeling good, I may not have got enough sleep or be the kind of physically fit that ‘good’ signifies in regular life. My good means that I am not as sleep deprived as I usually am, I’m less exhausted from regular events of my life than I usually am, and I’m not feeling overly sick. A frequent cough or cold does not take away from me feeling ‘good’, as it might for someone else. And these form my natural environment which doesn’t feel abnormal or different to me.. and resembles usual life.

So, since we are such habits of creatures, the only way to experience and learn more is to put ourselves out there in unfamiliar situations and FEEL what our senses have to offer. If I were to sit in a park in Paris, I would be experiencing something NEW instead of spending time with my guitar and laptop in my room, or if I was spending time in office.

Isn’t it the purpose of life to enjoy new experiences? Then why do we restrict ourselves out of fear of the unknown or apprehensions about leaving our comfort zone? I want to make the most of today, so right this moment, I’m going to make an effort to do something different.. something new.

Some movies just show us life as it is. Guzaarish was one such movie. I’m not influenced by the cast of the movie or the emotions that flow through it, but by the truth in it and the reality it makes us face.

Our natures are reliable, as people. We believe and battle because giving up isn’t easy. We have a point to prove to ourselves and we owe appreciation to life. But, after all of that, there’s a point when even giving up can become  a goal – and then we believe and battle to achieve ‘defeat’, for it is in fact a victory in its own right…

True Happiness

There are panpipes playing in the background, the sunlight is falling perfectly on my bed after being filtered by the clouds, and there’s a calm that is surrounding me. There’s no better place than this, and no better company than that of solitude.

It’s perfect, and the frequent voice of the bird outside is proof. To talk in this quiet would be to sin. It’s time for the heart to feel, and the mind to be at one with the universe. THIS is true happiness…

Dancing In The Rain

Rain. Somehow, it seems like the solution to everything. It’s like whoever’s up there is smiling upon me! (yes, most people compare that to sunshine, and I compare it to rain.. leave me alone :P).

I like the lush green leaves by the roadside, the cool breeze and the deep blue skies that come with it. Delhi witnessed a thunderstorm today, and what else would I be doing but getting drenched?! Bagheera also joined me, leading to mum being upset, and then forgetting everything and joining us.

Some ugly pictures were also taken, but they are part of the package and will also bring smiles when we are all a few days older! Life is good, it always has been.. it’s just that I forget to look for the little miracles on some days. 🙂

My Life, A River

Life is like a river, forever flowing on till it dries up due to lack of volume or individuality. It sees many sights, and it experiences many hardships. It wins some battles by triumphantly eroding whatever comes in its way, and loses some battles and is forced to change its path. It is more voluminous sometimes, and struggles to flow on at the others.

Our life is a river and our mind its heart.

I recently bought a beautiful acoustic guitar… to bring back some tunes in my life. It was unplanned, to say the least, but when I picked at it’s strings, each note seemed regal. It’s sitting in my room now – a new friend 🙂

As you know, I only started with my first full time, corporate world job a few months ago. Since then, there have been times where balancing work and life have been somewhat hard. The extensive traveling that comes with my job profile is definitely not as charming as it may sound. It has taken from me the time to do things I enjoy.

To remedy this problem, I’ve made the decision to try a few schedules to see which suits me best and keeps me the happiest. Of course, finding the right one will probably take some time, but it’s worth the effort! After all, when I’m old and graying, I want to remember the things I did AFTER work!

It’s time for simple things in life, and my guitar is a symbol of that. The partying has gone down, and so have social interactions, but guitars, books, family time and evening jogs with my dog in the stormy evenings of Delhi are definitely gaining my interest!

If you really want to fight the burn-out scene, I urge you today to take time out for YOURSELF, just yourself!