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Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit – all of us. What we see often is what we get used to seeing, and what we feel often doesn’t feel out of normal even if it is. Our minds seem to be easily trained to take in the frequent events or feelings of our lives and put them in the ‘normal basket’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is normal.

For example… when I say I’m feeling good, I may not have got enough sleep or be the kind of physically fit that ‘good’ signifies in regular life. My good means that I am not as sleep deprived as I usually am, I’m less exhausted from regular events of my life than I usually am, and I’m not feeling overly sick. A frequent cough or cold does not take away from me feeling ‘good’, as it might for someone else. And these form my natural environment which doesn’t feel abnormal or different to me.. and resembles usual life.

So, since we are such habits of creatures, the only way to experience and learn more is to put ourselves out there in unfamiliar situations and FEEL what our senses have to offer. If I were to sit in a park in Paris, I would be experiencing something NEW instead of spending time with my guitar and laptop in my room, or if I was spending time in office.

Isn’t it the purpose of life to enjoy new experiences? Then why do we restrict ourselves out of fear of the unknown or apprehensions about leaving our comfort zone? I want to make the most of today, so right this moment, I’m going to make an effort to do something different.. something new.


Some movies just show us life as it is. Guzaarish was one such movie. I’m not influenced by the cast of the movie or the emotions that flow through it, but by the truth in it and the reality it makes us face.

Our natures are reliable, as people. We believe and battle because giving up isn’t easy. We have a point to prove to ourselves and we owe appreciation to life. But, after all of that, there’s a point when even giving up can become  a goal – and then we believe and battle to achieve ‘defeat’, for it is in fact a victory in its own right…

True Happiness

There are panpipes playing in the background, the sunlight is falling perfectly on my bed after being filtered by the clouds, and there’s a calm that is surrounding me. There’s no better place than this, and no better company than that of solitude.

It’s perfect, and the frequent voice of the bird outside is proof. To talk in this quiet would be to sin. It’s time for the heart to feel, and the mind to be at one with the universe. THIS is true happiness…

Dancing In The Rain

Rain. Somehow, it seems like the solution to everything. It’s like whoever’s up there is smiling upon me! (yes, most people compare that to sunshine, and I compare it to rain.. leave me alone :P).

I like the lush green leaves by the roadside, the cool breeze and the deep blue skies that come with it. Delhi witnessed a thunderstorm today, and what else would I be doing but getting drenched?! Bagheera also joined me, leading to mum being upset, and then forgetting everything and joining us.

Some ugly pictures were also taken, but they are part of the package and will also bring smiles when we are all a few days older! Life is good, it always has been.. it’s just that I forget to look for the little miracles on some days. 🙂

My Life, A River

Life is like a river, forever flowing on till it dries up due to lack of volume or individuality. It sees many sights, and it experiences many hardships. It wins some battles by triumphantly eroding whatever comes in its way, and loses some battles and is forced to change its path. It is more voluminous sometimes, and struggles to flow on at the others.

Our life is a river and our mind its heart.

I recently bought a beautiful acoustic guitar… to bring back some tunes in my life. It was unplanned, to say the least, but when I picked at it’s strings, each note seemed regal. It’s sitting in my room now – a new friend 🙂

As you know, I only started with my first full time, corporate world job a few months ago. Since then, there have been times where balancing work and life have been somewhat hard. The extensive traveling that comes with my job profile is definitely not as charming as it may sound. It has taken from me the time to do things I enjoy.

To remedy this problem, I’ve made the decision to try a few schedules to see which suits me best and keeps me the happiest. Of course, finding the right one will probably take some time, but it’s worth the effort! After all, when I’m old and graying, I want to remember the things I did AFTER work!

It’s time for simple things in life, and my guitar is a symbol of that. The partying has gone down, and so have social interactions, but guitars, books, family time and evening jogs with my dog in the stormy evenings of Delhi are definitely gaining my interest!

If you really want to fight the burn-out scene, I urge you today to take time out for YOURSELF, just yourself!

Some things in life never change.. whether they be good or bad. It’s like of a story, there are always constants such as a beginning and en ending. I’ve realized that I often blunder and hope against hope that one of these constants of life might have changed.. and time and time again, I realize that it’s all just an illusion.

We are meant to live with some constants in our lives, but somehow I can’t fathom that and always end up falling prey to the belief that all things change. Essentially, I just fell in my self-dug hole once again and I’m sitting here teary-eyed after realizing the same thing yet again.

So today, for a change, I want to ask for help from the Universe. I want to be able to live with this particular constant and move on. I want to stop  being an emotional fool and falling in these traps of hope that I build for myself…  because some things never change.

If you are interested in religion and have been brought up in India, there is no doubt that you have heard about ‘Arya Samaj’ and ‘Sanatan Dharma’. But what exactly is the broad difference between the two?

Let me begin by an epiphany I just had. My grandparents on both sides are fairly religious, but somehow I’ve only ever heard my maternal grandmother tell me stories of various Gods and Goddesses. My maternal side happens to perform rather frequent ‘hawans’ or chantings around fire. This is often also called ‘Agni Puja’ or the prayer of fire. I recently realized that I have never heard tales of Gods and Goddesses from my maternal grandmother, and I have never seen a ‘hawan’ take place at my paternal side of the family.

They both happen to belong to different “sects” of Hinduism, if you will. While Sanatan Dharma believes in the presence of Gods and Goddesses and considers Ramayana and Maha-bharata sources of religious texts, the hawan-performing Arya Samajis believe in no such thing and strictly draw their religious knowledge from the vedas. They do not believe in multiple Gods and Goddesses, and perform nature worship. In essence, you could call the the Hindu-version of pagans.

There… that is the difference between the two. I feel rather keenly towards both of these sections of people but I appreciate the difference as well.  Hope this helped clear some concepts because I can’t believe that I only noticed the difference after 22 years of living in India…

If I were to put it in simple words, I’d say the past week entailed quite a few events that weren’t pleasing to my mind. I realize that there are bigger problems in the world right now, some would say it is all coming to an end. There are natural calamities occurring left and right, people dying and falling off the face of earth like flies, and tyrants attempting to destroy revolutionaries, but here it seems that I have going on, a personal war of sorts.

I realized earlier this evening that I’m going through an inner battle. After running fro it for years altogether, I’ve managed to run right into Mr. Indifference. You may disagree and have your theories about how indifference isn’t a real thing, but I have to tell you that I don’t feel fondly or negatively about anything or anyone at this moment. I am simply going through the motions of being a human being, pretending to laugh with you and pretending to empathize with you. Yes, I feel a certain need to fulfill those roles but besides that there’s a void where there usually is a deep pool of emotions.

Who knew emptiness could be so calming to the nerves… and who knew that even though it makes life seem problem-free, I want to lose this frame of mind?

Off The Horse

Remember when you were a child and you fell? Your parents would hold your tiny hands and help you get up. They would dust you off and watch as you limped by their side for a few moments. They always smiled when you forgot about the pain and took up your usual gait. It’s been instilled in us that we must always get up, dust ourselves off and resume on our paths.

But somehow, as I sit here this afternoon, I doubt that theory. Life isn’t always about getting back up and carrying on to your destination. I have always been a staunch believer of the “get back up on the horse and gallop away” theory. It seems dreamy and perfect, incorporating not just a sense of courage, determination and vision but also warding off the evils of defeat. But is it always defeat? Perhaps it’s time to just sit there on the ground where you fell and give yourself a rest. Perhaps it’s time to breathe and decide… uninfluenced by the world around you. Maybe it’s one of those rare times where what you need is to stop in your tracks. Maybe this is one of those times for you, and people all around tell you to get back up, but today I just want to say… do what your heart says and what your conscience would feel comfortable with, because in most cases you know what’s best for you…