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You know, some of us might find this term worth a laugh but honestly, there are many of our fellow human beings who need some therapy.. or so think the Chinese. Although I might have qualified as an internet addict a few years ago, today I find myself looking a tech hiatus every once in a while… I guess it’s a good sign ūüôā

Well, anyway, so there’s an article on slashdot today stating how Chinese are sending their kids to boot camp therapy for web addicted relating to either… (hold your breath… ) World of Warcraft or Mortal Combat. Of course, I’m sure there are more games on the list but somehow these were the ones mentioned in the article.

“But.. but.. it’s more of a guy thing!”

Well, who said the internet is merely a gaming tool ūüėõ here comes into the picture the story of the many teenage girls who get addicted to chatrooms and chatboxes. I wonder where this technology is going to take us.. even though I chose to contribute to the computer science field. Me thinkz we’ll soon have a Internet Addicts Anonymous ūüėõ

Internet: The place where girls are men and boys are FBI agents!

Link: Click here for the original article

H1N1 Gets To People’s Head

Read this article: Passengers Cheat Flu Scan With Fever Reducers

I mean, geezz.. this is the heights. To put at risk your own health by not staying in a hospital/doctor and putting in danger a country’s whole population is not just idiotic, but also completely insane.

There’s obviously no way to protect a world from itself and the people inhabiting it if these people cannot even make the effort to be honest.

Racist Attacks On Indians?

Four Indian students studying abroad were brutally attacked by Australian teenagers with SCREWDRIVERS this week and all because they belong to a different race?

Seriously, what is this world coming to. It’s such a shock that even though we homo-sapiens claim to be developed, intelligent and portray a sense of reality, we can’t help but create situations like these around us. What is all the good stuff worth if in the end we resort to violence and thoughtless and heartless attacks?¬† Is it the inner demon we all possess or just simply a matter of a few angry teenagers?

I’m just appalled by the news these days and this piece brings up questions that we all need to answer. It is time to come together as a nation and protect and fight for our rights in a proper manner and it is time to come together globally and see to it that such things don’t become the trend of this world which should be moving forward even though it sometimes seems to move backwards into the abyss of pure Darkness.

I’m Indian and studying in USA and I’m overly dependent on my parents. I love them with all my heart and there is nothing that can change that. So, when today I heard about the blast in Delhi (mehrauli), it was a relief knowing that my parents were sleeping safely, hopefully dreaming of good things, instead of laying on hospital beds fighting for their lives.

That, however, cannot stop any Indian from still reading the news articles and wishing there was something they could do to bring the situation in control. I opened up a news article and was heartbroken that a 13 year old boy was killed. He didn’t deserve this… neither did any of the other innocent people who have been killed in previous blasts. A 13 year old boy could not even have had the time to see life and observe how beautiful the world around him was… before he was burnt to death by blind people who don’t know the meaning of love and peace.

What struck me most is how this little boy died –
There were the bombers on a bike who just dropped a black polyethene bag containing the bomb in the market and were riding away. Santosh, the young boy, saw this and grabbed the bag. He ran after the bike yelling that they had dropped their bag my mistake. He could have cared less but he didn’t… and what did he get in return? Death!

If things continue to go this way, people are going to be afraid of doing anything that our morals teach us is right. Wasn’t returning someone’s lost belongings a good deed? These bombers need to realize that they are not just killing innocent people, but killing humanity. Killing these people is not going to get anyone anything – these aren’t the people behind anyone’s problems and their deaths cannot be justified in any manner. All this is doing is creating hatred in our hearts…

There are people who want to love life and live the good moments and having to worry about the safety of their loved ones – not knowing whether they made it or not.. doesn’t help.

Baby Whale Euthanized

Last night I was going through the news feed on my laptop when I came across a rather sad story of how a baby whale had to be euthanized. Colin, the 1 to 2 months old whale calf, was first sighted in the waters around North Sydney on Sunday.

It is said that the baby humpback whale was heavily injured in a shark attack and abandoned by his mother, possibly because he was ill. He spent quite a few days among yachts mistaking them for its mother. Officials even attempted to lure him out to sea in hopes that he would attach to a passing pod of humpback whales but it was all in vain.

Taking this baby whale into captivity was not a viable option since he was still being breast fed and thus, did not have a way for him to being fed and nutritioned. There was no way for them to even socialize him.

By Thursday, it was noticed that Colin’s condition was deteriorating rapidly and that his suffering had increased greatly . Having looked at all possible options, wildlife officials had to broken-heartedly decide to euthanize him¬†to free him of his suffering. Quite a few people designed feeding techniques and many gave advice, but nothing helped reduce his plight. In such situations, the most humane solution seemed to be to euthanize the baby whale which was lonely and longing for its mother.

It was very heart-breaking to hear that¬†even though¬†the whale whisperer Bunna Lawrie tried to soothe Colin to stroke¬†him while singing a humming, tongue rolling tune… wearing feathers on his head and white paint markings on his face, the baby whale swam away to nuzzle a yacht nearby.

In Bunna Lawrie’s words “He’s missing the big fellas”

There’s a lot to learn from this news feed, but I would rather not get into that because all I feel right now is pity and sadness for the helpless baby. Life isn’t always as easy…

For a more detailed article on this:

Dear American Airlines

            First off, kindly fuck off. I reached New York after a rather long flight from India with two bratty kids sitting next to me while their parents snored away and was hoping to have a decent flight to Toronto so I could finally rest. If you think I would sit idly after having to deal with your flight cancellation and rude staff that does the least to help the passengers, you are wrong.

Specifically to American Airlines staff:

             I stood there for hours at the American Airlines counter with you telling me and 4 other passengers all kinds of stuff including how you could not refund our money even though the flight has been cancelled. Your staff at the Gate told us it could be refunded and we could drive to Toronto since the next possible Toronto flight from JFK was on Monday (2 days later). I do not appreciate the random excuses the staff made for not having a backup plan and being out of choices for helping us in any way.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† For future reference, a person travelling over 20 hours and having no prior knowledge of airline processes never feels satisfied by being told that he/she is stranded in a queer city for 2 days because of “Air Traffic Control”. I got your reply in form of added arrogance from your supervisor. Your inability and lack of desire to help stranded travellers leaves me with no sympathy for any of your staff dealing with tired and cranky people.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Also, I was not very pleased by the fact that it took us all 7 hours to convince you to put us on another flight to Toronto from Laguardia and have us put up in a hotel for the night. Seven hours is almost a whole day’s business hours and the delay on your part to help us at all has put you down to a “zero stars” status.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† In response to the immensely helpful atmosphere that you have provided, I shall make certain that I plan no other travelling plans with you. Thank you very much for finally understanding our needs after 7 hours and putting us up in a hotel though… I am sure it was a pain that you had to unwilling deal with.


A troubled passenger on American Airlines

How often does one hear about a young boy in his teens clutching on to a semi-automatic rifle feeling proud of his achievement on handling the “toy” many adults would look at with fear in their eyes? Hamza, the youngest of 18 sons of Osama Bin Laden fits in perfectly to that description.

Hamza Bin Laden, the 16 year old son of the world’s most wanted man is preparing to be his father’s successor and undergoing his vigorous training fearlessly. His zeal and determination to be the “crown price of terror” (as some Indian news channels would say) is evident in a poem he wrote stressing on the destruction of USA, France, Britain¬†and Denmark while he calls on other Islamics to¬†support his cause.

It comes as a shock to most to see such a young soul so ruthlessly participating in bloody assaults. Even though it¬†is not a big surprise¬†considering his family background, it is a truly sad situation where “childhood programming” has twisted the mind of a young child. His childhood does not consist of happy memories playing sports and laughing with friends, but images of rugged mountains and hiding spots and probably fierce laughter with grown men handling deadly weapons.

A clip of him holding on to a Kalakov rifle smaller version of the Kalashnikov his father prefers and calling Pakistan government un-Islamic was earlier talked of by the press in 2005. Indeed, young Hamza Bin Laden, who is already a senior official of Al Qaeda, is obviously referred to as his father’s true successor.

Seriously – when is this going to stop? I mean… it’s about time this terrorism stuff came to an end.