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Suddenly my life has been taken over my colors. It’s a pleasant surprise after a rather bleak beginning to 2012 and all the white-wally-ness of it, life has suddenly been taken over by laughter, smiles, love and lots and lots of colors.

Holi this year brought the realization of just how beautiful life could be. After perhaps 10 years, I spent Holi with my older cousins. Yes, I was the kid once again (refer to previous blog) and perhaps suffered because I was also the target for lots of color and water guns lol. Buckets upon buckets of color and water (and colored water) were thrown on me, and while everyone prayed that I didn’t fall sick again, they also made sure that this was a really memorable Holi for me.

As if that wasn’t enough to make me happy, Dad and I went on a 3 hour long drive and I got to see his dorm from when he was in college! I’ve heard so many stories revolving around this place that seeing it in person just put a big smile on my face.

I just know two things – I’m happy and I’m lucky. Honestly, that is ALL that matters because all this love can beat anything that comes my way.

My life is complete.

(Oh and a good friend of mine, practically like a sis to me, shared something with me right before Holi that made me even happier!)

You know those days when memories from your childhood just take over and you go back to being a kid? Today is like that for me. The festival of Holi is day after tomorrow and preparations for the same are in full force. What is even better is that we have some family visiting!

I get to spend Holi splashing colors on my cousins that I haven’t really had a chance to spend quality time with in years. The aroma of all the Indian mithai from the kitchen, playing with Bagheera and Moti, spending time with my aunt, my grandfather and my cousins – it’s absolutely perfect.

It is as if I am reliving school days – studying for GMAT, working (in place of assignments), and being surrounded by love, love and more love!

Thank you from down here to whoever’s watching over all of us. You are truly remarkable and definitely know how to lift our spirits!

PS: Silly 90s music helps with this entire scene 😛

This is my first Christmas/ holiday season away from family. Strangely, this time I’m the one who is home. Everyone else is away – vacationing up in the Himalayas. Yep, I’m grumpy about it because apparently I don’t know what to do with myself when my family isn’t around… and hence, I’m blogging about it.

No worries, I’m planning to make up for this lack of vacationing in my life by traveling to some unusual place next year. I don’t want to go to some place touristy – maybe something rustic would be the right choice. Yes, I know I have a huge travel list, but this time I’ll waver from it. No five-start hotels, no special treatment because of the family, nothing – just pure traveling with a backpack. That’s precisely what I’m longing for… some wilderness, a cottage or something, and the sounds of nature. It’s something I imagine in my head, so I’m guessing it’s something worth doing.

Merry Christmas everyone! Live it up and take that step beyond the usual – life’s too short.

Some emotions are so hard to share, and thoughts so hard to voice. It’s like speaking about them will make them a harsh reality… a reality shared that can’t be taken back. I want to throw a fit right now, be demanding, because I know this is probably the last chance I have for it. Yet, if I say anything right now, questions will come pouring down and feelings will get hurt. It’s not my intention to hurt anyone, or bring them more pain than life already has to offer all of us…

Sometimes you just want to look at someone you love and tell them the truth. You wish that they would listen to you without asking questions. It isn’t that you don’t want to answer them, but that answering these questions would hurt. I wish I was a kid still, cuz then this wouldn’t be so hard.

Time For A Vacation

As if a blog vacation wasn’t enough, I think I’m about to take another little vacation in life. Sometimes it becomes imperative to step back and reflect on the bigger questions plaguing the mind.

I have been festooning my life with people and events, when all it really requires is thoughts and ideas. A dreamy and peripatetic life is what I wish for. It’s when I feel settled that the restlessness sets in and my feet just want to wander and lose the ties that have helped me settle…

I’ve learnt over time that there are very few ties that have the strength to keep you grounded. The rest are simply superficial and unnecessary. They need to be slashed, abandoned and left to become the material memories are made of. That is their sole purpose – to be a reminder of times that have gone by… a messenger of sorts, flooding your mind with images and memories that have molded you into who you are.

Yes, it’s time for another one of those vacations… 🙂



Realigning to New Goals

It has been so long since I’ve actually written a blog post that it took me a few seconds to get accustomed to WordPress’s new format. Yes, I know it’s sad.. but sometimes things that bring peace to you and keep you on track end up taking the backseat.

I’m devastated right now, although you might argue that such a reaction isn’t warranted. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I will have to switch gears and goals to reach where I want to go. It’s tough realigning when you are running full-speed towards something specific.

I guess it’s time to learn one more art in life 🙂

Small Things Make Me Happy

I’m a kid at heart. That statement in itself sums up my character. I’ve been observing my temperament for a while now and attempting to make each moment of my life worth living (and reliving). What I’ve learnt from this is that it’s the small things in life that make me happy.

Here are the moments recently that have made me happy, and some of these may seem silly to you but that’s just how it is:

1.  I had a busy day at work as usual and since I’m working out of client-site these days, my drive home is no less than 1.25hours every day. It’s on my way back that I was driving the car at about 70km/hr on a road that I frequent. The music was playing but I have no memory of the song. Sun-down was a few minutes away and suddenly the street lights came on. It wasn’t dark and neither was it light; there weren’t many cars on the road and in the emptiness the street lights reflected lightly in the cloudy weather.  The scene reminded me of Harry Potter and how this scene would fall perfectly in a fantasy book. And this made me unimaginable happy! My heart seemed to jump with joy at this minor occurrence which seemed like my miracle of the day 🙂

2. Again, same old long drive to work. I was stuck in heavy traffic and as the road curved slanting downwards, a light green plant that I don’t know the name of swayed on my right side. It was a certain height above the car as I was on a bridge of sorts, and it’s gentle swaying in the breeze set the mood for my day 🙂

3. About 2-3 days ago, I was driving to this place for some personal work, and on the way this little girl of about 4, dressed in a dusty, faded purple dress was attempting to cross the street. I slowed down almost to a crawling speed – you could have walked faster than my car was going if you tried. The girl looked up. She had this animated look on her face – a look of pride at crossing the street alone, and also a look of caution. Her expression said it all, while she ran in short steps to the divider and looked back at me with pride in her eyes. I was reminded of the first time I ever crossed the street and realized that that feeling will never come back. Her look, her tiny steps and hops, and the pride and caution on her face float in front of my eyes even now, and I find myself smiling.

True Happiness

There are panpipes playing in the background, the sunlight is falling perfectly on my bed after being filtered by the clouds, and there’s a calm that is surrounding me. There’s no better place than this, and no better company than that of solitude.

It’s perfect, and the frequent voice of the bird outside is proof. To talk in this quiet would be to sin. It’s time for the heart to feel, and the mind to be at one with the universe. THIS is true happiness…

Dancing In The Rain

Rain. Somehow, it seems like the solution to everything. It’s like whoever’s up there is smiling upon me! (yes, most people compare that to sunshine, and I compare it to rain.. leave me alone :P).

I like the lush green leaves by the roadside, the cool breeze and the deep blue skies that come with it. Delhi witnessed a thunderstorm today, and what else would I be doing but getting drenched?! Bagheera also joined me, leading to mum being upset, and then forgetting everything and joining us.

Some ugly pictures were also taken, but they are part of the package and will also bring smiles when we are all a few days older! Life is good, it always has been.. it’s just that I forget to look for the little miracles on some days. 🙂

I recently bought a beautiful acoustic guitar… to bring back some tunes in my life. It was unplanned, to say the least, but when I picked at it’s strings, each note seemed regal. It’s sitting in my room now – a new friend 🙂

As you know, I only started with my first full time, corporate world job a few months ago. Since then, there have been times where balancing work and life have been somewhat hard. The extensive traveling that comes with my job profile is definitely not as charming as it may sound. It has taken from me the time to do things I enjoy.

To remedy this problem, I’ve made the decision to try a few schedules to see which suits me best and keeps me the happiest. Of course, finding the right one will probably take some time, but it’s worth the effort! After all, when I’m old and graying, I want to remember the things I did AFTER work!

It’s time for simple things in life, and my guitar is a symbol of that. The partying has gone down, and so have social interactions, but guitars, books, family time and evening jogs with my dog in the stormy evenings of Delhi are definitely gaining my interest!

If you really want to fight the burn-out scene, I urge you today to take time out for YOURSELF, just yourself!