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Small Things Make Me Happy

I’m a kid at heart. That statement in itself sums up my character. I’ve been observing my temperament for a while now and attempting to make each moment of my life worth living (and reliving). What I’ve learnt from this is that it’s the small things in life that make me happy.

Here are the moments recently that have made me happy, and some of these may seem silly to you but that’s just how it is:

1.  I had a busy day at work as usual and since I’m working out of client-site these days, my drive home is no less than 1.25hours every day. It’s on my way back that I was driving the car at about 70km/hr on a road that I frequent. The music was playing but I have no memory of the song. Sun-down was a few minutes away and suddenly the street lights came on. It wasn’t dark and neither was it light; there weren’t many cars on the road and in the emptiness the street lights reflected lightly in the cloudy weather.  The scene reminded me of Harry Potter and how this scene would fall perfectly in a fantasy book. And this made me unimaginable happy! My heart seemed to jump with joy at this minor occurrence which seemed like my miracle of the day 🙂

2. Again, same old long drive to work. I was stuck in heavy traffic and as the road curved slanting downwards, a light green plant that I don’t know the name of swayed on my right side. It was a certain height above the car as I was on a bridge of sorts, and it’s gentle swaying in the breeze set the mood for my day 🙂

3. About 2-3 days ago, I was driving to this place for some personal work, and on the way this little girl of about 4, dressed in a dusty, faded purple dress was attempting to cross the street. I slowed down almost to a crawling speed – you could have walked faster than my car was going if you tried. The girl looked up. She had this animated look on her face – a look of pride at crossing the street alone, and also a look of caution. Her expression said it all, while she ran in short steps to the divider and looked back at me with pride in her eyes. I was reminded of the first time I ever crossed the street and realized that that feeling will never come back. Her look, her tiny steps and hops, and the pride and caution on her face float in front of my eyes even now, and I find myself smiling.

I love snow. Once it really starts snowing, everything is covered and colored in a single shade.

It seems to me that life can be like snow sometimes. Covering one’s world with a thick blanket of contentment or nothingness. And yet, it can stop just as suddenly and make the sun shine on you…

Today started off with the sun shining bright, gently shining through light blue clouds… and then it all changed. I thought everything wasn’t as bad as it seemed and that weak lungs were the only problem in my life.

As if being in hospitals and doctor offices off and on wasn’t enough, I managed to hurt my knee and then found out that I have a case of “marfanoid features”. My flexible joints, slender bone structure and frequent accidents are really just a fraction of Marfan Syndrome. Let’s just hope the heart problems don’t pop up.

On the positive side, at least I know that I get hurt not because I don’t know how to walk but because of a disorder (which could make me a great gymnast). Basically, I am always going to be hurting my ligaments and having injuries, and even the smallest of these injuries can turn into serious, severe problems… because my body moves the way it shouldn’y… how fun…

Whatever… Life, be nice to me now…

Sunshine and Smiles

Wow, I was woken up very early today because we were supposed to go see Priya Mausi and Sunit Mausaji. At first, sleep governed my brain and I said I wanted to sleep in but I quickly realized that I hadn’t seen one of my favourite aunts in the longest time!

So, I got ready and left to see her… she always makes me smile lol. It was an amazing morning even though she chose to pick on me and harass me to know if I was in a serious relationship with anyone. Then, I got a short but sweet talk about how I should marry a “baniya” haha. Well, those of you who don’t know this, I belong to a “baniya” family and I am not sure how to put it in words, so let google help you. We had a great chat about where to shop for what lol and she was teasing me saying I should get married next so she can be the most sexy mausi everrr lol. Her little talks always make me smile and she is sooo loving that she kept hugging me over and over because she hasn’t seen me in so long… she almost treats me like a 3 year old sometimes.

We are thinking of making some shopping plans together (yes, more shopping!). She loved the boots and the sweater I was wearing, so we decided it was time to go shopping sometime. She was brought up in Delhi, but she moved to Dehradun when she got married. Dehradun and Massouri are beautiful hilly areas in the North and she wanted me to go back with her in 3 days so I could meet my little, cute cousins and we could spend some more time together.

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent with Ishan.. then I came home cuz Nishu Bhaiya (my older cousin) came over, and didn’t realize when I crashed… mmm, sleep! lol

My Haven

After spending 11 beautiful days at home, I can sincerely say that India’s weather has been amazing this year. The summers were gentle and the winter seems to have forgotten its way to Delhi. Seeing the sun every morning, shining through my window, which my mother chooses to open as soon as she wakes up, lights up the first moments of each morning with a feeling of contentment and happiness. Although I miss the fog, it’s good to have the sun triumphing without effort.

If this happiness could be touched, I would hold my heart open to the gentle sunshine streaming into my room every morning.

I don’t know if there is a God somewhere, even though I hope there is someone listening to the millions of prayers that keep us going. In any case, we’ve each been granted a haven of our own, either by God or by some mysterious form of energy.

My haven is stunning and magnificent – a pool of almost tangible emotions that add flavor to my world. Beyond the troubles of life, I have a place which takes away the daily pains and gives me solace. I am thankful for a place where colors take over life and culture soaks my toes like kind waves. I can see it through a window, not the one of my room, but the one of my heart and I can feel happiness soaring.

This world of solace would be complete  and if all  my friends were here to share it with me and I would have nothing more to ask for to make these moments perfect…

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, the kind that I would spend out on the terrace with my family. November’s chill has begun getting to the bones and thoughts of the strong rays of sunshine that nature bestows on New Delhi bring back memories.

It’s a nostalgic moment that I am spending in my room in South Carolina – the blinds are shut and the heat is on. There is no sign of nature’s warmth in the chilly mornings and late afternoons, neither the sounds of birds chirping excitedly as they return to their nests. Our hearts long for the childhood spent in the tranquil and safe boundaries of home. Returning to the haven where there is nothing to worry about and smiles come without effort has become a dream. Years will go by and adulthood would have crept in when I live that life again. The sunshine would be the same, and so would the laughter and familiar voices, but this heart would have changed – burdened with the responsibilities that come when you are no longer a child. It would be time to take my role as an individual instead of spending hours laying my head on my mom’s lap and enjoying the carefree and serene life that childhood has to offer…

It was Diwali today – October 28th, 2008. One of the major Indian holidays and a widely celebrated festival among various religions such as hinduism, sikhism, buddhism and jainism. Although many legends are associated with this festival, the use of various kinds of lights, “diya” -earthen, oil-fed lamps signify the victory of good over evil within every human being.

Anyway, now that the basic explanation of this occasion is done – I MISS HOME! I miss the amazing food and the fire crackers, the diyas and the rangoli (an art form that is used to decorate floors). We also made “gharonda” or house of God and I miss the sweet sounds of arti/prayers before dinner. It reminds me of my grandmother when I think of the way “prasad” is kept in earthen, painted pots and the way everything in the house is  I miss seeing all our family and friends, a day without grudges and a day of pure joy. Oh the memories of this festival are just so special to me. 

I won’t even type more about it because it’s hard on me…It’s on days like this that you miss home the most…

1. My name was changed multiple times before I got the one I have now

2. I used to hate chocolates as a kid

3. I was a very quiet child till 6th grade.. then something happened.. still don’t know what lol

4. I love thunderstorms and rain

5. I have a huge stamp and coin collection that was passed down to me by my grandparents.. and possibly to them by theirs

6. I cannot stand slurping

7. I love paneer and most of you have no idea what that is.. sigh

8. The only reason I am good at Indian history is because my dad didn’t know stories so he told me history stuff before I slept…

9. I grew up wanting to see the stairs from which Humayun fell and died.. look him up lol

10. I love castles, old cemeteries, ruins…

11. I love going to my grandparents farms and getting sugarcane and sunflowers.. and bathing in “tubewells” is on the list too

12. I love Indian guys.. mhmm.. *sniggers*!

13. I sleep on my stomach

14. The first time I ever fell, I was 11 years old…

15. I refused to go to a particular school at the age of 4 because the teachers who tested me were too fat (I have nothing against fat people)

16. I am over sensitive – yes I know that comes as a shock for those of you who don’t know me well

17. I, and I alone, have the right to make fun of India!

18. I think my English has gone downhill ever since I left India

19. I am the oldest on my mother’s side

20. Kids ACTUALLY love me, and no.. I am not kidding

21. My dog is my baby and I love him more than life itself (I mean it)

22. I just bought a new guitar over summer and had to leave it home… bah

23. I might have arguments with my family, but I can’t stand anyone hurting them

24. I am over-protective about my friends even though some think I am distant

25. I am scared of swimming (now), even though I had started swimming when I was 3

26. I happen to listen to way more indian songs than english

27. I love dancing to Punjabi music

28. I believe in spirits and the possibility of ghosts

29. I read a lot of crazy stuff that people don’t get their hands on

30. My dad was asked to pick between me and my mom when I was born

31. My dad was a smoker – he quit the day I was born

32. I am way more proud of being an Indian that I portray

33. I mess up sometimes, but I am a  very good judge of people and I know who I am going to be friends with for life after the first time of meeting them

34. I loved dolls cuz I could pull apart their legs (yeah, sad, I know)

35. I’ve been staying up with dad and watching soccer matches since I was two or three years old.

36. I have  pictures with monkeys

37. I can play just about any tune on the keyboard within 5 minutes of hearing it

38. I once killed a lizard

39. I am not scared of picking up live insects and walking around

40. I have many recurrent dreams and I sleep with a knife under my bed back home

Friends Forever

Yesterday was one of the best days of this summer. It was packed with pleasant surprises and wonderful moments with people who make up an important part of my memories in India.
I may have mentioned this before, but at work, I spend my time with two other interns – Navya and Kalpana. We had decided to go and watch a movie last morning and so, after reaching Noida (where we work), we drove to Spice multiplex in the same area and watched Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na with two of our seniors. The movie was light, sweet and funny – one of those movies that are good to watch when you need a laugh. Anyway, we stepped outside after the movie and had some pretty embarrassing moments which I am going to skip on describing hehe. We did happen to get lost in Noida on the way back as well.

The weather on the way back home was one that describes “monsoon” to the hilt. My favorite weather was obviously instrumental in my mood being 10 times better than when I had woken up! Well, I got home to the best news ever. I went and met up two of my best friends – Ishan and Arushi. These were people with whom I spent almost every single evening of my school days and once again, I was surprised to see nothing had changed… we are all still the way we used to be back then. While our parents caught up on each other’s lives, Ishan, Arushi and I were reminiscing the times when we would camp inside the house and pour soda on each other’s faces to wake them up. The moments when Ishan and I fought and physically hurt each other, but yet never looked back at it with a grudge and the night stays at each other’s place, the crazy plans and the play we performed for our parents would never be forgotten by any of us. I should be getting the video of that play sometime soon and I can’t wait to watch it after 6 to 7 years! (note – Bagheera is currently pretending to be mom’s pillow)

Anyway, I had the best evening with Ishan, Arushi, Uncle and Aunty and then went to hang out with another of my friends Yatin. If all these cute little things weren’t enough, one of my very  close friends Apurva messaged me yesterday and we will be meeting up either on Wednesday (tomorrow) or day after. Both of us haven’t seen each other in 2 years and we were people who used to meet at least once or twice out of classes. So, that’s going to be a blast 😀

Well… I’m satisfied by how my day went and I can’t really put all my feelings in words. I love these people and since we’re all on Delhi, we have the time to create some new beautiful memories…

The title may seem a little “out there” but it is apt for this post. It has been a very pleasant day for me and I just want to share the happy moments of today with you. They say happiness multiplies when shared.

I found it slightly hard to wake up this morning and my mom had to constantly ask me and my cousin to wake up every five minutes. It reminded me of my school days and how I used to look at the clock with one eye open and go back to bed till the it showed 6:30 am. I found myself feeling like those days came back and found myself trying to convince my mother (while laying down) that laying down was, in essence, just the same as standing horizontally and thus there was no need for me to get out of bed! Interestingly enough, my cousin decided to comment on that and say, “If you really think about it, Ekshi is the only one standing up (horizontally, of course) and the rest of us are laying down vertically! I haven’t woken up in stitches in a while and it was a refreshing change to the old routine of waking up and getting ready without having a good laugh.

Then, on the way back from Noida, where both my cousin and I happen to be doing our internships, we had some more of those funny moments where my description of a singer was “It’s THAT guy who sang THAT song.. Oh wait! He didn’t sing THAT, he sang THAT!” (I’m certain you find this as descriptive, well-stated and convincing as my cousin found it hehe)

Well, if these little incidents weren’t enough to make us both have a good laugh… the evening brought even more entertaining moments. We looked outside the window and realized it was going to storm and rain pretty hard, so we decided to take Bagheera (my dog) for a walk before anything of the sort took place. Since he is not very manageable by either one of us, the guard held the leash and walked him while both of us just walked along. With our amazing luck it wasn’t much of a shock that it started raining about half a kilometer away from home. To add to the situation, Bagheera started running in the opposite direction to complete his “walk” which had turned into a “run” instead of running back home. Thankfully, we managed to run through a short-cut and ended up in the park close to our house. We were just about home, completely drenched and laughing hard, running after Bagheera.. when we realized that the gate of the park that opens towards our house was CLOSED. Perfect luck as it is, we found ourselves jumping a fence with Mr. Bagheera running ahead of us.   

Since we were already drenched when we got home, we decided to call our friends and chill out in the rain… thus the topic of this post… Punjabi music and rain is an amazing combination LOL.

After that, my cousin and I decided to share with my mom certain facts and saw her reactions to those… example being the fact that we weren’t going to be very happy with arranged marriages hehe.

Anyway, maybe another day would be better to describe her comical reactions to our ideas and beliefs. It was good to see that my cousin, Nishant is still just the same as he was when I last saw him  and that we can still confide in each other just as we did all through our childhood.

I hope the rain continues for a while.. in words from one of my favourite Indian songs, I hope whoever left the faucet open in the sky.. sends us some more refreshing raindrops.

Precious Moments

I was home last morning, and was getting ready to see almost all of my family from all over India. The level of excitement was high and there were too many feelings taking over. As I stepped in the car, I looked up and was glad to see that the sky was cloudy since it meant the weather was going to be pleasant.

We drove up to our house on the other side of Delhi and there, we waited for my aunt and my cousin. All four of us were going to go to Kurukshetra (Haryana, India) together. Kurukshetra – the city full of Indian history, the place where the Mahabharata is said to have taken place, the part of history that creates the basis of Indian religious scriptures. I was brought up visiting museums there and ancient sites of importance. I remember playing catch-n-catch with my uncle with a lemon from my grandparents lemon tree, playing cards with my mom’s uncle (my grandfather in other words) and monopoly and virtual cop with my uncle.

The drive there was as beautiful as ever. The vast, lush green farms extending as far as the eye could see, with a few trees spread out giving their shade, a tube-well and the farmers walking through their fields, the tiny villages, on the way, with their mud houses and bullock carts will be painted on my mind for the rest of my life. The empty roads, the crops swaying with the wind were so soothing to the eyes that none of us found the 3 hour drive long. I missed these simple things that represent the India I love.

Seeing my family members made me want to be in India forever. Ridhi, my 10 year old cousin, was following me all over and telling me she loves me over and over, telling me I should dress up traditionally more often (since I rarely do that). She and her brother, Akhil, who’s a sweetheart will be in Delhi later on this summer so they can hang out with me and I can show them around. I hadn’t seem both of them for 2 years now… it touched my heart when they hugged me and pouted because I “left” them.

I am not going to go into details of the fun I had with my uncles and aunts picking on me, everyone discussing the embarassing stories of what I did when I was a kid (considering I am not the oldest “kid” on my mom’s side) and the precious moments when I met each one of them after so long. I love my family – each one of them means a lot to me and I will never forget the wonderful times I have spent with each of them individually.

Anyway, the drive back was tiring but I was pleased because I will be seeing all of them again soon sometime. I am currently enjoying my last day “off”, since I am going to be starting my internship tomorrow. I am a little nervous, but not enough to really bother me. I guess I am just apprehensive, considering that I have never been in a professional setting before. Hopefully, it will start off well and continue to be good.

I hope anyone who is reading this, has a wonderful day/night. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow please 🙂