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This is my first Christmas/ holiday season away from family. Strangely, this time I’m the one who is home. Everyone else is away – vacationing up in the Himalayas. Yep, I’m grumpy about it because apparently I don’t know what to do with myself when my family isn’t around… and hence, I’m blogging about it.

No worries, I’m planning to make up for this lack of vacationing in my life by traveling to some unusual place next year. I don’t want to go to some place touristy – maybe something rustic would be the right choice. Yes, I know I have a huge travel list, but this time I’ll waver from it. No five-start hotels, no special treatment because of the family, nothing – just pure traveling with a backpack. That’s precisely what I’m longing for… some wilderness, a cottage or something, and the sounds of nature. It’s something I imagine in my head, so I’m guessing it’s something worth doing.

Merry Christmas everyone! Live it up and take that step beyond the usual – life’s too short.

I have been back in Columbia for the past 3.5 weeks. Places change, and so do people. My recent visits to the downtown area only make me realize that nothing remains the same and yet, our memory holds geographical locations dear to the heart.

It’s the magic of memory and of the ability to recount that keep us close to the ones we love, give us times to look back on and create a link that’s not restricted by distance (or death).

Life is fairly uncertain right now. You may claim that it always is, but I believe in degrees of uncertainty and this one’s high. There’s a certain joy that it brings to me.. a thrill of having the time to do what I want, freedom to follow my heart, and still have something to look forward to in life… and something to look back on…

Would you ask for more?

So, it’s been a while since I’ve made up my mind to do or not do a certain something. It’s time for a resolution and my resolution is to avoid skipping meals! I think my diet needs to be back on a healthy track. This whole.. let’s eat a little just to eat a lot a few days later thing is not helping. I’ve always gone through phases where I barely eat for a few days and then eat like a pig for the next few… nowhere close to a “balanced” diet.

I found myself running for 3.6 miles today and then coming home, doing some sit ups and push ups. What followed was a little surprising. I was at the table 10 minutes later…  eating like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not sure that was a good idea but that’s what I wanted to do LOL.

Anyway… *attempt to eat a little every day… in approx equal amts… without losing my sanity*

Last night I managed to reach a new height of exhaustion due to major lack of sleep over the past few days and found myself enjoying delirium… To experience another emotion that I wasn’t familiar with earlier was strange and yet, exhilarating. My surroundings were hazy even though I was sitting right here on my couch. Life seemed to take very amusing turns and every word my friends said seemed augmented. I detested my lack of awareness but soaked in the pleasure of a new story in life. I am fairly certain that I was probably imagining things at one point… and I know it’s sad, but life isn’t a guarantee and so it’s necessary to make the most of the moments that we do have.

I was sure I would be better today… finally some sleep last night. But, I found myself making it to my first class and missing the next two. I found myself slipping into yet another state of delirium. Just when I was about to be visit the  Slumberland, a strange sensation took over me… I was looking at myself from the outside. I felt like I was standing in the rain – looking up at the sky and smiling, and I could feel a big droplet of water at the tip of my nose… I could feel my heart jump with joy… I could touch pure happiness.

I’m glad I’m alive…

I have many American friends who love bollywood movies or who would love to watch some. For those of you Indians who are settled abroad and want to introduce your friends to some good Indian movies, here are a few you can begin with.

Jab We Met – A sweet and light romantic movie. I hesitate to call it a comedy but it certainly will make most laugh out loud at various parts.

Rang De Basanti – A serious movie with issues such as Indian freedom discussed with a taste of how Indian college life and friendships are. It’s worth a watch, but just a little hard to follow without having an Indian there to explain some portions despite the subtitles – it’s due to the historical parts.

Kal Ho Na Ho – This was a remake of an old Indian movie. I have no idea how to describe this one, I can just say it’s a very good movie.

Woh Lamhe – Not a lot of people settled abroad know of this movie, but it is one of my personal favourites. The story line is great and the concepts just awesome. The best part about it is, it is actually a true story for the most part.

Lagaan – See the British-Indian spirit while India was still under colonial rule.

Samay – Again, a hard to find personal favourite. This is a bollywood thriller for those of you who enjoy thrillers.

Don – If you like action movies, you might like this.. it’s an interesting piece of work.

Umrao Jaan – Old or new, either one works.. its a great work depicting the life of a an unfortunate lady in a lesser known setting coming from India.

Hopefully this helps those of you who need or have a friend who needs a neat introduction to Bollywood/Hindi movies!

Feel free to leave comments with other suggestions, I’m sure it will come in handy for someone!

History Class Bloopers

Well… for one, Spot found Jesus! 

I know.. I know.. weird first line. Well, we were standing in the BA building and Spot was looking at flyers and there he found a flyer saying Jesus – this of course leads to the creation of “Spot found Jesus”. Our history class, if anything, has been just a place for both of us to let our imaginations run wild. So, here are a few things we came up with during History class…

  • Dinosaurs are protecting Roman frontiers!
  • Caligula appointed his favourite horse the head of a cult in his honour and also made him a member of the senate. Apparently they say he raised taxes, but my pen says he raised horses…
  • Marcus Aurelius, a deeply committed Stoic, gave full vent to his sense of duty in his Meditations, which he wrote in Greek while living in a tent on the Danube frontier, where he fought long and hard against dinosaur invasions.
  • The dinos were too busy eating Parthians to protect Roman Empire from invasions.

There were many that I obviously don’t remember… but they will eventually be added on to the list… it’s just a matter of time.