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We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright!

Yep, I have those fabulous feel-good lyrics stuck in my head because on my way to work this morning, some great guy was playing this on 95.0. Needless to say it put me in a good mood and I’m at work all happy and ready to go!

So, here’s an applause from my side to Travie McCoy because he made me smile!

Check out the song here: We’ll Be Alright


You know how sometimes you hear a song once and you just LOVE it? It just stays on repeat for days at a time, whether it be on your music system, your car’s player or just in your head. Well, after a rather long time I’ve found not one, but two such songs!

If you haven’t already heard of Mumford & Sons, you need to look up their music immediately! It’s not the upbeat stuff that a lot of this generation listens to but it definitely deserves credit… Mumford & Sons have come up with two songs that I absolutely love: The Cave and Little Lion Man.  So, download them or youtube them, just close your eyes, dim the lights of your room and listen to each word and give it it’s due. Find your way through the words and your interpretations of it… taste it, smell it, breathe it!

Cheers to Mumford & Sons (and the banjo)!

The Cave

Little Lion Man

If you haven’t heard anything by Built to Spill yet, in my humble opinion, you need to leave my blog and type “” in your browser bar. These lines are from a song called Life’s A Dream…

Destiny’s vulgar so I might as well resist
Out of the darkness and all of the secrets still exist
Finally decided, and by decide I mean accept,
I don’t need all those other chances I won’t get.

To me, this song is about coming to terms with life and being at one with your universe. To know that no matter what, you exist and always will… even if it is just as a memory, a part of a family tree or a legend. You will leave your footprints in the sand of time and no amount of clicking of the clock can take that away from you. You have shared time with many other souls on this planet and have left your mark on the map of life. So, no matter how down or useless you feel in this moment and no matter how many secrets you die with, remember that you don’t need any of the chances that others got… your life, your decisions and your path in life is enough to hold you in the lap of history forever…

Bombay’s Theme

A few minutes ago I was pouring over a programming book with music playing in the background. Suddenly, a tune I hadn’t heard in ages made it to my ears and I was lost in its beauty. This tune happens to be Bombay’s (the movie’s) theme song. I guess I am biased because it is instrumental and I have always loved instrumental music but the simplicity of this tune is what makes it absolutely beautiful. It portrays a certain serenity with the amazing work on the flute that it starts out with and it lets your mind’s eye wander and find your personal heaven…

For those of you who haven’t heard it before, check it out…

I recently heard this song for the first time and for some reason it has stuck with me. I can’t stop listening to it because the lyrics calm me down… weird. Anyway, here are the lyrics and the link to the song. Check it out =)

Another day goes by
Time travel gone astray
My mind in disarray
I could’ve run away to be with you
I could’ve run away to be with you
I should’ve run away to be with you…

Once we got lost in the woods with your hand interlaced between mine
And i stared straight at the sun and imagined the beams realign
Emotions and photons that flicker like bees when I look in your eyes

Six stories above
I watched the world creep by
I used to be in love
and that’s enough to make me high on you
and that’s enough to make me high on you
and that’s enough to make me high on you
and that’s enough to make me high on  you

Dala Girls

It is not often that we come across bands that we begin to love after listening to them just once. But, to my surprise, I loved the acoustics and the voices of Dala Girls when I was first introduced to their music by a friend who saw them performing in Toronto.

I didn’t only find myself getting their cd, but also hearing their songs over and over. The simple but catchy tunes are easy to love and the sounds of their guitars make me tap my feet incessantly. I must confess that I haven’t heard ALL of their music, but all of what I have heard is beautiful and highly commendable.

So, here’s thing to do: Check out their music!

Here is their websites if you want to know more:

Also, they do happen to have a myspace and facebook… so feel free to look them up yourself!

Carry You Home

Sometimes, we just hears songs that touch our heart and words we find ourselves relating to. Last week, I heard a song that had this effect on me after a long time. I didn’t think I would write out the lyrics of a song ever, but I guess it deserves a mention.

The song I’m talking about is Carry You Home by James Blunt. What I like about this song and what touches me most is that even though this song talks about death – the end of life and possibly the beginning of the unknown. But, instead of portraying it just as a loss, it adds a positive feel to the song. I don’t know what it is about this song that makes this positive mark on me, but I do know that it has had a very strong impact on my heart.

I like it because I think this song focusses on the concept of love and friendship more than the concept of loss. Afterall, friendship and love are far greater than the the petty things we worry about(at least according to me). So, here are the lyrics…

Trouble is her only friend and he’s back again
Makes her body older than it really is
And she says it’s high time she went away
No ones got much to say in this town
Trouble is the only way is down, down, down

As strong as you were
Tender you go
I’m watching you breathing
For the last time
A song for your heart
But when it is quiet
I know what it means
And I’ll carry you home
I’ll carry you home

If she had wings she would fly away
And another day god will give her some
Trouble is the only way is down,down,down

As strong as you were
Tender you go
I’m watching you breathing for the last time
A song for your heart
But when it is quiet
I know what it means
I’ll carry you home
I’ll carry you home

And they’re all born pretty
in New York City tonight
and someones little girl
was taken from the world tonight
under the Stars and Stripes

As strong as you were
Tender you go
I’m watching you breathing for the last time
A song for your heart
But when it is quiet
I know what it means
And i’ll carry you home

As strong as you were
Tender you go
I’m watching you breathing for the last time
A song for your heart
But when it is quiet
I know what it means
And I’ll carry you home

I’ll carry you home


But it rained…

“Thousands are reported missing each year… this is about those that are left behind”

Alright, this is one of my fave Indian songs. It has a very deep meaning behind it and my heart aches everytime I hear it, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. I am posting some information from the website that was made for this particular song by Parikrama (the band).

I guess I want to point out how much each one of us means to our families and how much our families mean to us. The bond is so true and unforgettable.

Anyway, so more about this song – this song was done by a band called Parikrama. These guys ROCK, and are truly amazing for singing about things we subconsciously attempt to not notice. This was also the first song to be shot in Spiti Valley, which is about a 12 hour drive from Rohtang Pass(a pass between India and Pakistan and trust me, it’s not easy to cross lol) but it’s beautiful.

The excerpt that struck out to Parikrama and motivated them to write this song is –

… Meanwhile, relatives of the four kidnapped tourists are back in the country to make yet another appeal. It has been a year now since the abduction, and the last seven months have seen little but a stony silence.”

“Amid reports of illness, injury and threats of death, was the uncertainty of not knowing what to believe … she did not even get to say goodbye” said the wife of one of the hostages. More appeals have been made some even by other militant organisations, but the message is …”

In words of the band members –

We wrote this song then, in an effort to feel the uncertainty, the futility, ourselves. To share the yet shimmering hope of those who are left waiting for a loved one. At times forever. It’s worse still, not having even said a goodbye, or caught the last eye.

Five long years, not a word, nor a trace. Some of them have still not given up, as we read in the papers recently. They wait, even today … we can hear the strain …

This tune also reaches out to the memory of our dearest brother Surya Subramanian, who believed in this song more than any of us. And less than a week after we recorded it, 2 days after a concert at the very venue he met us first, he left us waiting. He met with with a tragic accident on his way to join us in Hyderabad, and it is to his loving spirit, that we dedicate this song…

To fill in some gaps, this song was written mainly about Kargil victims (google it if you aren’t really sure). India’s heart goes out to each one of the lost… and this song is proof of that cry that each of us feel in their heart.

To read more about this song, access it’s official website at:

As far as my relation to this song is concerned… I first heard this song when I was in 9th grade, that would be about 5 years ago. It caught my eye as soon as the video showed up on “Channel V”. Something held me there, watching it completely… feeling the love and pain, the bitter sweet memory of the one’s that are lost. It was then, that our school’s Annual Talent Search Day was announced and Aneesh, Rajarshi (two of my guy friends from my class) and Shrestha who at that time was my best friend… called me up and said we were going to perform this song and were of course, going to be in the music section of the talent search.

I didn’t have to question it. I didn’t have to think again. There was no question about it at all, no worries and no apprehensions. It was the most touching and beautiful song, and was really worth the attempt.

I won’t forget our random practices and all the fun we had getting ready for the day. It was a success in our eyes, and in everyone elses eyes and it has remained in my heart as a beautiful memory. I have to thank all our families for supporting us through that decision, for letting us create a beautiful memory and letting us feel the pain that millions in our country felt – they let us “naughty kids” get our way and skip on studying time to practice this song.

Thanks Parikrama, for bringing to our notice the pain that our fellow human beings have felt and making it all the more real to each of us that were busy in our own lives to really feel the heartache that our lost countrymen and their families felt… be it in war or any other scenario…

                                 “Hope may be frail, but it’s hard to kill”