You know those days when memories from your childhood just take over and you go back to being a kid? Today is like that for me. The festival of Holi is day after tomorrow and preparations for the same are in full force. What is even better is that we have some family visiting!

I get to spend Holi splashing colors on my cousins that I haven’t really had a chance to spend quality time with in years. The aroma of all the Indian mithai from the kitchen, playing with Bagheera and Moti, spending time with my aunt, my grandfather and my cousins – it’s absolutely perfect.

It is as if I am reliving school days – studying for GMAT, working (in place of assignments), and being surrounded by love, love and more love!

Thank you from down here to whoever’s watching over all of us. You are truly remarkable and definitely know how to lift our spirits!

PS: Silly 90s music helps with this entire scene 😛