It’s pretty evident that I haven’t blogged in a while. Instead of explaining how, what, why and when of that fact, I’m going to start with something my father always said to me. He told me that time is like a man running with you. The only way to catch this man named Time, is to grab his hair but one must keep in mind that he’s bald at the back of his head (and not in the front). So, in essence, the only way to catch Time is run ahead of it. I’ve spent the past few days/weeks/months attempting to catch up with Mr. Time. It has been a tedious run and although I’m side by side with Mr. Time, I’ve incurred a few rather painful injuries.

I’ve graduated and it brings me joy that I’ve reached one more milestone in life. But, I never realized that graduating would also mean leaving the place where all my friends and most of my soul family is. So, while I struggled and was running behind time.. attempting to move out, clean up, finish the whole graduation stuff and entertaining my mom and aunt, I missed out on some more precious moments I could have had with the people who mean the world to me.

I don’t know what time is going to bring with it… because there will be a day it will be ahead of me again. I just hope that the people that matter to me know what their place in my life and in my heart is. And I hope that even though we grow together, our relative positions in each others lives remain unchallenged and unchanged. I hope that you always have the place in my life that you do now, because you have earned it.. and I hope it’s the same way around.

Just remember that I’m here… no matter what.