Here are ten reasons why one should get a dog… but while you go through this list, remember there are way more reasons a dog makes a good pet and family member.

He will put your needs before his and will always keep you smiling. He will cuddle with you and show you his love when you are feeling down or are just stressed out.

He will never hold your mistakes against you or judge you for your faults.

He will be an unconditional friend and will be there for you no matter what happens.

He will enjoy spending time with you even if it means simply laying at your feet while you sleep.

He will protect you from everything and will put your safety before his.

He will be a great stress-reliever. The presence of a dog is often enough to keep your blood pressure normal.

He will welcome you home running to “hug” you and pamper you. His excitement at your arrival will help you forget all troubles you faced during the day.

He will make you smile and give you plenty of beautiful memories each day.

You can care about 100 people and out of those, maybe 4 will always be there for you. But, if you care about a 100 dogs, there would be none that won’t be there for you.

Last but not the least, he will make sure you get your daily exercise walking and running with him everyday.

Anyway, I guess these are enough to at least make you think about getting a dog.. and since I had a hard time convincing my parents to get me one, I can vouch that this list at least makes the person more comfortable with the though of having a dog’s responsibility.