How often does one hear about a young boy in his teens clutching on to a semi-automatic rifle feeling proud of his achievement on handling the “toy” many adults would look at with fear in their eyes? Hamza, the youngest of 18 sons of Osama Bin Laden fits in perfectly to that description.

Hamza Bin Laden, the 16 year old son of the world’s most wanted man is preparing to be his father’s successor and undergoing his vigorous training fearlessly. His zeal and determination to be the “crown price of terror” (as some Indian news channels would say) is evident in a poem he wrote stressing on the destruction of USA, France, Britain and Denmark while he calls on other Islamics to support his cause.

It comes as a shock to most to see such a young soul so ruthlessly participating in bloody assaults. Even though it is not a big surprise considering his family background, it is a truly sad situation where “childhood programming” has twisted the mind of a young child. His childhood does not consist of happy memories playing sports and laughing with friends, but images of rugged mountains and hiding spots and probably fierce laughter with grown men handling deadly weapons.

A clip of him holding on to a Kalakov rifle smaller version of the Kalashnikov his father prefers and calling Pakistan government un-Islamic was earlier talked of by the press in 2005. Indeed, young Hamza Bin Laden, who is already a senior official of Al Qaeda, is obviously referred to as his father’s true successor.

Seriously – when is this going to stop? I mean… it’s about time this terrorism stuff came to an end.